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Aloha website blog reader! LONG overdue blog post / update.

We've been really busy behind the scenes so that's the excuse...

Back in March we went back to our favourite recording studio Joe's Garage (located in the basement of the Exchange in Bristol) We knocked out eleven songs in two and a bit days which was pretty darn good going.

All in all we re-recorded our debut album for the FINAL time and are currently setting up rough mixes so we can nail all the vocals as well as any extra sprinkles.

We're aiming to get this all done and dusted by the summer, it's been delayed too many damn times so we're gonna do our absolute best to get it out as soon as possible.

On top of this we've actually tracked a bunch of songs for album number two! So we should be making up for all the lost time pretty quickly with a lot more material coming sooner than you think.

In other news we have a bunch of shows booked. We make our return to Reading as main tour support for Morass of Molasses hometown show at The Facebar on April 8th. Also playing this show is Bristol's Captain Zero. Then on April 21st we host the Swansea date for Morass of Molasses spring tour with a show at The Bunkhouse alongside Goat Major and Fluff Tongue.

In June we're playing the Saturday at Kingsfest in Llanidloes which is going to be an interesting show for a reason we will be announcing shortly...

I think that wraps up whats going on currently, when there's more to share there'll be another post! Until then, live long and party on Wayne!



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