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We finally have a NEW single out very soon!

Firstly though there is some SLIGHT bad news and some REALLY good news.

The "BAD" news is… we are redoing our album... AGAIN...

The GOOD news is we’re doing it in January so it won’t be long until we’re back in the studio and this time we get to have Jason behind the kit for it so you know it’s going to…

as the kids say today “slap”

We had such a great experience at Joe's Garage in Bristol earlier this year beginning work on what is now shaping up to be our second album (laugh as much as you want, we do too…) we’ve decided to go back to record our first one so it can be the absolute best it can be. Never had a smoother more relaxed time in a studio so we know we’ll knock it out super easy.

With that said the GOOD news other than recording the album to a higher standard and with Jason behind the kit, we’re STILL putting some songs out from the current finished version of the album as singles thus meaning you’ll all be getting more music in the long run anyway in the meantime.

The first release is a song aptly titled “UNTITLED” as it’s about not knowing what happens when we all meet our inevitable end.

We began writing this song when the band started back in ’09 so we’re really happy to be able to finally get a version of this song out for everyone to hear.

We also have all the pleasure in having none other than Phil Humphreys from Lethargy on vocals for this song. Phil also was the mix engineer for these upcoming releases so we’d also like to give a quick thank you to him for his time and patience with us in getting the songs to sound the way they were intended to be heard. The effort is fully appreciated.

The song will be available on all streaming platforms on November 29th, more details on when you can presave it soon.

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