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Nick Oliveri...

WELL... we have now shared the stage with Nick Oliveri

(QOTSA / KYUSS/ Mondo Generator / Bl'ast / Stoner / The Dwarves)

What an unreal experience to literally share the stage with someone that's been one of the biggest influences on the band since day one. We'd been waiting for around 2 months to find out if we would be able to play a couple songs with Nick at some point during the night. Literally 10 minutes before we had to set up we were whisked up stairs to speak with the man himself to find out if it was a go or not. We ended up playing "Green Machine" from Kyuss' classic "Blues from the Red Sun" album followed by the criminally underrated Queens of the Stone Age B-Side "Ode to Clarissa". Anyway, we'll leave the fine details out, we can always talk more about the night with anyone that may ask about it at any future shows, but wow, truly the highest peak we've reached in nearly 14 years of HotR!

On other news we have a couple songs worth of vocals left to do for the album and we're finally onto the mixing process for the album. We've got a big plan on how we're going to release it that should please listeners of all types depending on demand. Early 2023 we should FINALLY have the damn thing out!

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